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Life of Pi Review: Crouching Tiger on a Boat

 Ang Lee is one of the more underrated directors in contemporary cinema. With a body of work spanning both cultures and genres, Lee has put out a consistently good, and sometimes great, slate of films over the past two decades. … Continue reading

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Netflix Gener-a-thon : Emotional Movies Featuring a Strong Female Lead (Post 1 of 5)

XXY (2007) Director: The first film of Lucia Puenzo, daughter of Luis Puenzo, who directed critically acclaimed The Official Story (1985). That film is also available on Netflix under the same cateogry as XXY. Like father, like daughter. Country: Argentina Cast highlights: Viewers may recognize … Continue reading

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Netflix and the Invention of Genres

Most film lovers have already spoken their eulogies to the video store. For those of cinephilic stripe, the excitement of going into a video store and serendipitously stumbling upon a gem hidden among rows of DVDs is now but a wistful memory. … Continue reading

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Lincoln Review: Persistently Picturesque Politics

I had a professor at university who would often preface screenings of historical films by saying that movies often say more about the times in which they were made than the times they are about. This is a concept that … Continue reading

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Anticipating: November/December Releases

Alright folks! Welcome to my very first post – so pure and untouched by the eyes of internet trolls. “Anticipating” will be a regular feature on my blog, whereby I discuss the films I’m most excited to see in the … Continue reading

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Coming soon to an internet connection near you

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