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Side Effects Review: Thrilling therapy

Stephen Soderbergh has been somewhat of a cinematic chameleon in recent years. Nearing his supposed retirement from film, he has explored everything from infectious diseases (Contagion), assassins (Haywire) and male-strippers (Magic Mike). With Side Effects, his stated last feature film, he has … Continue reading

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Gangster Squad Review: Subtle Schlock

Gangster Squad is not a good movie. It regurgitates a plethora of gangster-genre tropes in a paint-by-numbers narrative fluffed out by a derivative script. The characters are paper cut-outs, not complex or well-developed enough to care about, reciting lines of … Continue reading

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Life of Pi Review: Crouching Tiger on a Boat

 Ang Lee is one of the more underrated directors in contemporary cinema. With a body of work spanning both cultures and genres, Lee has put out a consistently good, and sometimes great, slate of films over the past two decades. … Continue reading

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Lincoln Review: Persistently Picturesque Politics

I had a professor at university who would often preface screenings of historical films by saying that movies often say more about the times in which they were made than the times they are about. This is a concept that … Continue reading

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